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About Our Bots

Edkairos' Chatbot technology is built on Google Dialogflow and designed to increase instructional efficiency in face to face and online learning. Most importantly our bots can be used for questioning and social engagement.

Our products are US and GDPR compliant. User data protection and confidentiality are our top priority. Our bots can be deployed to all channels with a single click, so there is no need of multiple email accounts or online portals. Users can gain instant access of our bots by Skype, Facebook, Messenger, or SMS. 

Bot Features and Functions

  • -Answer questions about deadline, lessons plan, and curriculums.

    -Improve access by teachers, students and administrators to standards and assessment models.

    -Help students understand difficult concepts in a personal way 

Provided answer to hundreds of commonly-asked questions.

  • -Schedule meetings or phone call when human intervention is required

    -Fast response

    -Available 24 X 7

    -Multi-channel deployment

    -Automate repetitive tasks 
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