Edkairos Saves Teachers Valuable Time

Edkairos saves teachers valuable time and bridges the gaps between pedagogy (teaching) and technology in Math, English and Science.  The platform improves alignment between goals, learning activities and assessment. Edkairos will transform the learning experience through personalization based on learning styles, preferences and aptitude of every student. All features and benefits will align to three specific core attributes for teacher effectiveness - communication, engagement and assessment.

Communication:. The teacher links the instructional purpose of the lesson to the larger curriculum; the directions and procedures are clear and anticipate possible student misunderstanding. Students contribute to extending the content by explaining concepts to their classmates and suggesting strategies that might be used. Students contribute to the correct use of academic vocabulary. (Danielson)

Engagement: Virtually all students are intellectually engaged in challenging content through well-designed learning tasks and activities that require complex thinking by students. The teacher provides suitable scaffolding and challenges students to explain their thinking. The lesson has a clearly defined structure, and the pacing of the lesson provides students the time needed not only to intellectually engage with and reflect upon their learning but also to consolidate their understanding. (Danielson)

Assessment: Formative assessment is fully integrated into instruction. Questions and assessments are used regularly to diagnose evidence of learning by individual students. A variety of forms of feedback, from both teacher and peers, is accurate and specific and advances learning. Students self-assess and monitor their own progress. The teacher successfully differentiates instruction to address individual students’ misunderstandings. (Danielson)



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